What is Greatest Thing?

Life is full of heartwarming and heartbreaking moments. One day we are on the mountain top as we celebrate some great success, the next we are in the valley of despair as we grieve over a loss. Most of our life seems to be spent trying to dig our way out of a valley or we are constantly climbing, as we search for that next mountain top moment. As you struggle to navigate through this life, have you ever wondered, is there something better than this? The answer is, “YES!” Have you ever wished that you could go to sleep at night knowing that if you never opened your eyes again, you would be ok…YOU CAN!

No matter how good the good days are or how bad the bad days are, there is One that promises us hope, peace, and joy regardless of the circumstances of life. Jesus Christ, through His gospel, can provide the assurance that you have been longing for. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the Greatest Thing that this world of ours has ever known.

We want you to know the Greatest Thing. We want to share His gospel with you. That is what the purpose of this event is. Every aspect of this week is planned with one goal in mind; to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.